Uptake Technologies

The world is creating an unprecedented amount of data. Uptake is a technology startup that harnesses that complex data into real-world outcomes, empowering people, machines and business to make more informed decisions. In my role, I cultivated internal culture and created work that generated business and continually differentiated an established, innovative technology brand.

Role — In-house Design Lead, Editorial Design, Merch + Apparel Design, Space Design


Merch + Apparel Design

Merch doesn’t have to be reserved for painting a spare bedroom or sleeping in. At Uptake, we pushed the standard for corporate swag. Using quality apparel and unique finishes we created swag employees wanted to wear in the light of day.

Space Design

When you’re working at a hyper-growth startup you have to work hard, fast, and be flexible. Building out a new space in a historic Chicago building could be no less than accommodating to that. Straying away from tech startup tropes (read: ping-pong table and foosball) we worked with Box Studios to create a space that was built for collaboration and deep work. Modular break-out spaces were integrated into open seating areas to quickly meet without disrupting deepwork. We created a space that reflected our values, sparked curiosity, but most importantly allows people to work smarter and faster.

Credit – Photography by Paul Evangelista unless otherwise noted

Photo Credit—Image 1, BOX Studios


Installation and fabrication by Cushing


Mural by Jarred Kolar and Jared Sawdey


Created a brand and online presence for co-founder and CEO, Brad Keywell, to increase customer engagement and promote his podcast about lessons on entrepreneurship and creativity. 

Credit — Development by Static Interactive

Editorial Design

As a dedication to the Uptake team, Brad Keywell writes an email to the entire company every Sunday. I created the first two volumes of the compilation coffee table book called Sunday Thoughts. Books were given company-wide and to external high-level customers and partners.

Credit — Printed by the amazing Graphic Arts Studio



All work copyright Carli Papp